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Brochure Printing

from $59.99
  • Eco-Friendly Printing
  • Short-run from 100 Pieces
  • High Quality 100 lb. Gloss Paper
  • Mailing options available


Upload Your Complete Design

Upload your own your design and we will print it for you.



3 Design Options

Design Online, Pre-Designed Brochures, Professional Graphic Design


Let Us Design a Brochure for You

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brochure printing

Design Online

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Start a Mailing Campaign

We can handle everything from design to list. No up front payment required.


No Up front Payment Required!


Self-Mailed Brochure

  • Lowest Postage Rate – $0.23 First Class
  • Print and Mailed from $227.00

High Impact

Envelope Enclosed Mailing

  • Standard Bulk Rate – $0.27 Each
  • Print and Mailed from $295.00

Mailing Turnaround

Mailing Preparation would add 2-3 Business Days to your printing turnaround

Brochure Printing Templates

8.5×11″ Bi-Fold Brochure Download
8.5×11″ Tri-Fold Brochure Download
8.5×11″ Z-Fold Brochure Download
11×17″ Bi-Fold Brochure Download
11×17″ Tri-Fold Brochure Download
11×17″ Z-Fold Brochure Download

p>Includes Window, MAC and Publisher Versions

File Types We Recommend

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or earlier .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .psd (created at 300dpi)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or earlier .ai, .eps (convert fonts to outlines)
  • Adobe PDF 1.4 or later .pdf (embed fonts, images and other assets)

Brochure Design Ideas

Dentist 8.5×11″ Brochure
Church 11×17″ Brochure
Business 11×17″ Brochure
Travel 8.5×11″ Brochure
Real Estate 11×17″ Brochure

Spa 11×17″ Brochure

Chemical Free Printing

Stewardship is important to imageMEDIA. From our customers printing to our impact on the planet, we are ever vigilant. We are committed and have taken steps forward to truly offer an environmentally friendly green printing service.

  • We use state-of-the-art offset presses that require no chemicals.
  • We use 100% Non-toxic Ink.
  • We do not use chemicals for film and plate processing.

Price Match Guarantee

At imageMEDIA, our goal is to build relationships. With the ever changing printing industry, rest assured that you are not only getting the highest quality available, but it’s at the best price, as well. We never want to lose a good or potential customer over price.

Brochure Printing

About Brochure Printing

Full Color Custom Brochure printing and marketing provides an economical way to present your product, service or event to the public. At imageMEDIA, as your first choice, affordable discount brochure printer, we take printing brochures seriously, utilizing the highest quality paper stock, offering multiple folding options and FREE color printing. We also print brochures with the industry’s fastest turn-around time with our 24-48 hour completion of most brochure printing jobs. Make us your brochure printer of choice. With our full line of fast, affordable brochure printing services and brochure design services, there’s nothing that we can’t do to make your direct mail brochure marketing a breeze. Starting your next brochure mailing campaign is just a click away!.

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