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Core Values

We believe that we answer to a higher authority and that our customers and team members should be treated with the same respect that we would like to be treated.

All employees must be able to work as a team and according to Romans 16:17, must not cause dissension and difficulties and divisions in opposition to the doctrine of this organization.


Our benefits include the same offered by most companies, but just like our quality and turnaround, our benefits exceed expectations.

Paid Holidays – 8 paid holidays

  • Christmas
  • Christmas Eve
  • ThanksGiving
  • Day after Thanksgiving
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • New Years Day


Medical Benefits – 50% Paid

  • Preferred Provider Plans from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida.


Dental Benefits – 50% Paid

  • A comprehensive dental plan includes varying levels of coverage for preventative care, basic procedures, major restorative care, and orthodontics.


Paid Vacation Days

  • Up to 1 year – 3 days
  • 1-3 years = 5 days
  • 4-7 years = 10 days
  • 8-10 years = 15 days
  • 11 + Years = 20 Days


Annual Christmas Bonus

  • An annual Christmas Bonus


Performance Evaluations

  • 90 day and annual evaluations


Company Carwash

  • Free carwash membership for all employees.


Outside Activities

  • Monthly picnics, events, and outings.


Catered Lunches

  • Monthly catered lunches
  • New Baby Day
  • Fathers and mothers will be allowed one extra paid day to be taken at the time of the birth or adoption of their child.



  • Paid time off upon the death of immediate family members.


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