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Mailing Guidelines


Please click the below image to see if your cards meet automation. You may
incur additional postage charges if the mailing side of your print job does
not meet proper layout requirements. We can review your files for FREE to
ensure that your job is correct and does not get delayed.


BOTTOM LEFT ZONE – No addresses with a Zip Code & State.
This will eliminate the risk of your postcards being returned to you by the Postal automation process. If necessary, an address can be placed in this area if it does not contain a state or zip code. The Post Office will scan this entire area for recipient addresses and zip codes.

LIGHT BLUE ZONE – No text/graphics greater than 7% grayscale.
The only text allowed in the addressing area is the recipient mailing address. Unless instructed otherwise, we will automatically comply with these guides when typesetting your card. We recommend following this guide if you are designing your own card. If we are mailing your cards, this guide must be followed.

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