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EDDM Design Requirements

Mailing Design Requirements

All EDDM mail pieces must have the whole mailing label on the “top half” of the mailpiece. Orientation of the label (i.e., whether it is applied on the long or short side of the piece) does NOT matter. The top half of the piece will always be the shortest end. See examples below for accurate placement.

Acceptable EDDM Retail Mailing Label Options

For retail entry at a Post Office, use the address “Local Postal Customer” for all active deliveries residential and business). As depicted in the examples below, all mailpieces must contain ECRWSS in the address area or within or below the permit indicia.

EDDM Retail Indicia

EDDM Retail has its own indicia; see image at right. Or you may use your existing permit indicia.

Definition of a Flat

Flat-sized mail pieces must conform to these guidelines:


with four square corners or finished corners that do not exceed a radius of 1/8 inch. (A square is considered a rectangle.)

Be one of the following:

more than 10 1/2 inches in length
more than 6 inches in height
more than ¼ -inch thick

Cannot be

more than 15 inches in length
12 inches in height
3/4-inch thick


To be considered a flat, a mail piece must exceed only one of the letter dimension maximums but be within all of the flat maximums, otherwise it is a parcel. For more information, see DMMR 601.1, Mail ability: General Standards, and DMM 301.1, Commercial Flats: Physical Standards for Flats.
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