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EDDM Do It Yourself Guide

Every Door Direct mail is a new way for large or small businesses to reach every household within a given area without having to purchase a mailing list. From the smallest of towns to the largest of cities, your reach is potentially limitless.

Below is a overview on how to get started!

Obtain a Permit

Step 1: Define Your Reach

You have 2 options to define your reach. First you could go to USPS EDDM site and choose your routes but that can be a little confusing. The other option is let us do it for you. Let us know what area you would like to target and we will provide a demographic map report that to help you choose the best route to target. This is also FREE.

Click here to for a FREE Map Report

Obtain a Permit

Step 2: Choose Your Size and Design

Next you will need to choose a sise that meets the program requirements. The requirements are any size taller than 6.25" on the shorter side or longer than 10.5" on the long side. EDDM can be up to 12"x15." Common sizes are 6.25x9 or 6.25x11. The size we recommend are 6.25"x11", 8.5"x11" and 11"x17" folded to an 8.5"x11". Once you have decided what size to print, we can print them for you. It is fast and easy. View Pricing

Producing an engaging postcard design is critical. The larger the card size, the higher the response rate. A professional intelligent design combined with a large card size.

If you require design services, imageMEDIA's stellar design team is here to help. Our graphic design team specializes in producing beautiful professional designs that are sure to grab the end user's attention.

Call 866.885.4468 to speak with a EDDM specialist about designing your postcard.

Obtain a Permit

Step 3: Let Us Take It From There

You completed all the steps above. Now it's time to place your order! If this is your first time creating an EDDM campaign, we recommend you call 866.885.4468 to speak with one of our Every Door Direct Mail specialists. Or get started with a free map report.

Our EDDM specialists will work with you and advise the best possible strategies to creating an effective and profitable campaign.

EDDM benefits:

  • Announcing new store openings, special events, sales, and any other event that is aimed to increase sales.
  • Save money on mailing lists and ink jet costs
  • Total control over when your postcard drop in the mail
  • Mail without a Postage Permit. Up to $450 in savings alone.
  • Larger format postcard size are proven to demand an increased response from mail recipients.
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