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Popular File Types

Microsoft Excel ®
.xlsx, .xls, .csv, .txt
Microsoft ™ Access ® 2003 or later
.mdb, .accdb, .accdbx

Click here to download a sample Excel list with instructions.

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Upload a List

You are able to upload lists at any time during the order life; during the ordering process (prior to payment) or afterwards while the job is printing.

Note: If your order requires a list, it will be delayed if you have not provided it.

Data requirements

  • Header format
    Must contain a heading label for each data column (eg. Name,Address,City,State,Customerid,etc)
  • Separate columns for each data field
    eg. Name in column one, address in column two,etc
  • Separate rows for each record
    Each data record should be in a separate row
  • Required data columns
    At a minimum, you must have name, address,city,state and zip data fields, each field in a separate column, and each different record on a new row
  • Optional data columns
    If you require additional items, we allow one (1) additional address field (address2) and five (5) custom fields, clearly and distinctly labeled (eg. Customerid, promotional code,etc)

List Requirements

  • File formats
    we accept any file that can be accessed through MS Excel 2000, as long as the data is formatted as described above TXT,CSV,ASC,MDB
  • Submission
    • We recommend uploading your list at the time of your order, through our online upload section, specifically for lists. This ensures that your list is placed in the correct location inside your customer and order repository.
    • You can also upload your list at a later time from the UPLOAD LIST link located at the bottom of your order details page
    • Emailing your list to list@imagemedia.com is acceptable, yet NOT recommended, since all order notifications and changes are handled through our automated systems, and email is a manual process. Avoid delays and potential list mixups by uploading your list in time.
  • Zip/Stuffit
    For quicker and reliable file transfers, we recommend using a compression utility such as Winzip or Stuffit to compress lists that contain over 1000 records

List processing

In order to provide you with fast and reliable service, we request that you follow the requirements above. Download our sample Excel spreadsheet and use it as a guide.

Our process is highly automated, and any improperly provided files require manual intervention, and some tasks are extremely time consuming.

Not following the requirements will certainly result in delays and additional costs.

Our services include de-duplication, address verification, zip+4 adjustments, pre-sorted barcoding and CASS certification.

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