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4×6″ or 4.25×6″

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High Impact

8.5×5.5″ to 6×11″

  • Standard Bulk Rate – $0.27 Each
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Mailing Turnaround

Mailing Preparation would add 2-3 Business Days to your printing turnaround

Postcard Printing Templates

4×6″ Postcard Download
8.5×5.5″ Postcard Download
6×9″ Postcard Download
6×11″ Postcard Download
8.5×11″ Postcard Download

p>Includes Window, MAC and Publisher Versions

File Types We Recommend

  • Adobe Photoshop CS5 or earlier .jpg, .tiff, .eps, .psd (created at 300dpi)
  • Adobe Illustrator CS5 or earlier .ai, .eps (convert fonts to outlines)
  • Adobe PDF 1.4 or later .pdf (embed fonts, images and other assets)

Postcard Design Ideas

Construction 6×9″ Postcard
Church 4×6″ Postcard
Business 6×9″ Postcard
Real Estate 6×9″ Postcard
Real Estate 6×9″ Postcard

Chemical Free Printing

Stewardship is important to imageMEDIA. From our customers printing to our impact on the planet, we are ever vigilant. We are committed and have taken steps forward to truly offer an environmentally friendly green printing service.

  • We use state-of-the-art offset presses that require no chemicals.
  • We use 100% Non-toxic Ink.
  • We do not use chemicals for film and plate processing.

Price Match Guarantee

At imageMEDIA, our goal is to build relationships. With the ever changing printing industry, rest assured that you are not only getting the highest quality available, but it’s at the best price, as well. We never want to lose a good or potential customer over price.

Postcard Mailing

imageMEDIA is one of the country’s fastest growing postcard printing and mailing advertising companies. We specialize in advertising your company through the practice of marketing your postcards to consumers and business’s through direct mailers. If you are new to direct mail postcards, we have put together a short article to help you with the process.

Understanding Postcard Mailing

Any great advertising agent and marketing guru understands how important a consistent marketing campaign is to the survival of any business. In today’s market, there are many advertising options for marketers to choose from. But a combination of options will most often deliver the best results.

That combination would include printing more than one postcard direct mailer for targeting a specific mailing list in combination with email marketing and follow up with a telephone campaign. Whatever combination of contacts a business chooses to use must be consistent to become a successful marketing campaign.

A successful postcard advertising campaign will touch the potential client 2-4 times. The reason for the constant touches is that for any marketer to be successful they must develop a relationship with the prospect. Consumers do not purchase from someone they don’t trust. Building trust takes a consistent marketing plan and that plan should include mailing postcards more than once. The other element of a successful campaign is the time frame that the marketer uses. The closer the time between marketing touches the better results achieved.

Great postcard marketing users will mix up their campaigns to include various types of marketing touches. Their campaigns may begin with postcard printing in the form of a direct mailer, followed up with an email and another postcard mailing. At the end of this sequence to complete the campaign would be a final phone conversation.

Just as important as the system developed to insure a stream of prospects enter your marketing pipeline is the resource that provides a great quality postcard that helps to brand your message into the minds of your prospects. With imageMEDIA you can be certain that your postcard mailing represents your brand with a quality look and feel.

The bottom-line is to develop a marketing system that is consistent and includes a series of touches that may include postcard mailings with email and telephone follow up. It is the consistency in delivering your message that will result in sales.

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