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Variable Data Printing

  • · Supports powerful customer-focused marketing efforts
  • · Delivers custom-tailored, relevant messages
  • · Increases response rates
  • · Personalizes your customer communications
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Variable Data Printing

Also known as One-to-One Marketing, (Digital) Print on Demand, and Personalized Printing. Variable data printing, or VDP is a type of printing in which documents are created from a combination of variable text & images that are taken from records in a database.

About Variable Data Printing
VDP is a powerful tactic for building, strengthening and extending those relationships because your company can use VDP to deliver highly targeted, relevant messages to each customer. Successful VDP applications exist in every industry to support customer-focused sales and marketing strategies.
VDP starts with customer data and the knowledge that you have about your customers.
The customer data drives business rules that determine which images, copy and other messages that are personalized, customized and highly relevant to each customer or customer segment.
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Variable Data Products - Click $Amount to Order
Postcards4 x 6$144
$0.288 ea
$0.224 ea
$0.144 ea
$0.088 ea
8.5 x 5.5$200
$0.4 ea
$0.272 ea
$0.2 ea
$0.152 ea
6 x 9$220
$0.44 ea
$0.32 ea
$0.2 ea
$0.152 ea
Bi-Fold Brochures8.5 x 11$288
$0.576 ea
$0.504 ea
$0.304 ea
$0.208 ea
Tri-Fold Brochures8.5 x 11$300
$0.6 ea
$0.52 ea
$0.312 ea
$0.216 ea

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